Two days back me and my son , had a conversation about " Thunderstrom " ....
he has noticed it in weather report : that late night it will be showers and thunderstrom .... Morning when he was walking to school he asked me :

Harsha :amma nethikki thunderstrom parthaya? (Did u see thunderstrom ?)
Me : Illaiye naan thongitten ...yedhukkaga kekkara ? unakku apidina yenna nu theriuma ?? (No , I slept ..btw, why r u asking me ? do u know what it means?)

Harsha : thundersrom vandha light adikkum sky la , damal damal nu sound kekkum ....apporrom Rakshasan yellam kezha vizhuvanga sky lenthu ...

(If Thunderstrom occurs ...there will be lighting in sky , u will hear sounds ...and Rakshasan will fall down to land from sky ....)

Me : Rakshasan ?? yaar sonna unakku ?? (who told you ?)
Harsha : Naan padichu irruken books la apporrom Ramayan and Krishna story la paarthu irrukken (I have read in books and I saw in Ramayan , Krishna story... )

I wanted to see the Rakshas falling ...U asked me to sleep ..I missed it ...
Next time if thunderstrom occurs in morning ...I want to see that OK???

Just wanted to share this here ....what to reply to him ??? how to convince him that no Rakshas will not come ... any suggestions please ....


  1. Dear Gayathri,

    Today's kids are so cute that we can't tackle their matured thinking and curiosity.

  2. Yeah true Jay by day they keep improving a lot and make us think a lot for answering them...