New Year Resolutions

Hi to all,

I am thinking of following all these points please you also follow these .

  • drink water and milk
  • eat veg and fruits
  • play foot ball and running and golf
  • eat dosa corn tomatomes onoins rice curd rice
  • climb in a tree
  • play some more games what you know
  • dont be scrayed like a baby
  • do not blocked somebody phone (Point number 8 * )
  • get some energy
  • drink apple or orange juice
  • if you did'nt eat veg or fruits you will never grow
  • dont get a bat to hit people
  • get some muscles
  • go round from 1 to 1000004
  • you can run a round 74 mins.
  • You can skip everday upto 100
  • can you count upto 100??
  • do not worry
  • you can stand in the bus
  • don't be rude to your mummy and daddy

Ok. Bye see you.

Ps :( Point number 8 * ): last sunday morning my sweet little son , was playing with his father's office mobile and locked it ... his father adviced him not to do so ...and he had to get new pin number from office for unlocking it ... Hope now point number 8 is clear to all.

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