Chiku, the Sparrow and her friends....

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In this story :
Chiku - Sparrow , Pinky - Pony , Tommy - Puppy , Tubby - Kitten , Shabby - Cat

One day a Sparrow called Chiku she was female Her Birthday was in 1st of April She is 12 years old . She is kind and her friend pony Called Pinky She was a Female . Her Birthday was in June 1st . She is 16 years old . She was kind. Chiku loves to eat pancakes Pinky loves to eat the same as Chiku.One day Pinky and Chiku was Building things in their nest.They were happy about Buillding.They got straw to Build . They live there ages.One day they got a Puppy called Tommy.He was a Male .His Birthday was in March 16 .He is 4 years old . He was kind .Tommy made things , for living inside the nest with wood .He is a male . He Loves to eat Starwberries. A kitten called Tubby He was a male .His birthday was in febuary 3 .He was 6 years old . He loves to eat fish . He too made things with wood to live there. A cat called Shabby , she was a female. Her birthday was in 9th of december . She is 7 year old. She loves to eat peanuts . she too made things in the nest . They all together made a big nest and they all lived happily for ever. And they all play , work , eat and live together .

Moral : We should always be safe , be kind and be friendly with all .

Sending this story to Shama Aunty's Sparrow Craft event . will send more to you aunty ...


  1. Harsha....Very nicely narrated ma...Asusual u r rocking.............