Jack and bean stalk - story retold .

My teacher asked us to write Jack and bean stalk story using our imagination ... for the original story , check this link .

Once Jack and his mother had no food. One day Jack's mother tolled , can you sell our cow? yes said Jack. He walked until he saw a man. These are magic beans. He ran to his mother. His mother shouted at Jack and throw the beans out . The next morning when (Jack went ) outside , he saw fruit shop , loads of fruit , sheep , goats , cow , hens . Jack and his mother were so happy and started to work very hard and sold fruit , milk , eggs and earned a lot of money and they were happy.


  1. Wow!! again a happy ending story.. and no beast... all good and happy!! Good one Harsha! Wish we had a few of those beans... sigh!!!

  2. Very Nice Imagination Harsha...Keep going da kanna....