New year resolutions

Hope you all remember New year resolution post ... My friend Nisha , has given comment for each and every line .... (Highlighted words are her comment )....

  • drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg... drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg and fruits (very good)
  • play foot ball and running and golf (and kick your goals to that TV and windows!!)

Reply from Harsha : Aunty , I don't have TV. windows ..amma saying no

  • eat dosa corn tomatomes onoins rice curd rice (ithu unga amma sonnangala?)
  • climb in a tree (innum rendu varsham pottum kanna ippo venam)
  • play some more games what you know (you should)
  • dont be scrayed like a baby (hmm.. and be brave like a "MAN")
  • do not blocked somebody phone (Point number 8 * )(You will be the first one on earth to take such a resolution sweetheart!!!)
  • get some energy (always!!)
  • drink apple or orange juice (drink all fruit and vegetable juices..)
  • if you did'nt eat veg or fruits you will never grow (Gayathreeeeee.... nee payyane romba miratti vachirukke!!!) (Me : Nisha , no chance ...intha nalla advice yellam avanga appa.)
  • dont get a bat to hit people (Hit the ball instead)
  • get some muscles (ippotheikku intha muscles pothumda kanna!)
  • go round from 1 to 1000004 (Leave this job to earth... we will get dizzy if we do this)
  • you can run a round 74 mins (Just try 10 minutes .. do u know how long is 74 minutes? ask amma to explain) (Nisha , trying very hard to teach him the diff. between Mins and Seconds, still he gets confused ....)
  • You can skip everday upto 100 (10 pothum)
  • can you count upto 100?? (ithellam unakku jujubi kanna)
  • do not worry (great thought in simple words)
  • you can stand in the bus (Why not sit if the seat is available?)
  • don't be rude to your mummy and daddy (YES...also vice versa!!)

Thanks a lot Nisha , for ur comment to each and every point . We enjoyed reading it .

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