Saw this clock craft work in Shama aunty's blog and I wanted to make one like that , with help from my amma ...made this today ...and I enjoyed making it.

  • Cut the paper plate in round shape .
  • wrote the numbers from 1 -12
  • for hours and minutes hand , we used a old greeting card ...
  • for decoration we used few glittering items and my we drew the bird and flower ...

A clock helps us to tells the time . In a clock , we have to use numbers from 1- 12. It has 2 hands , long hand and short hand . Long hand is for minutes and short hand is for hours.

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 day - 24 hours

In the above craft clock , the time is 9'oclock.

Sending this to Artsy - Craftsy event conducted in Mindful Meanderings .


  1. Hy Gayathri,
    First time here...wonderful space you have. Glad to follow u...
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  2. Hello kanna,

    Wounderfull pictures! First time here...Loved ur talents.Keep rocking,Following u.God bless u.

  3. Its very cute. :)
    I'll include it but with a note that instead of using thermocol plate u've used a paper plate & the same can be applied there. I hope u don't mind. Welcome to artsy-craftsy. Pls link it here.

  4. Hi Jay and Premalatha ,
    Thanks a lot for ur kind and encouraging words for my son. He was so happy to read ur comments .... really it encourages him a lot ...thanks again.

  5. Thanks for including ours too...will try to find the exact material and do it again ....sure will link it .

  6. thank you dear...i am happy .....cute clock...

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  8. cute clock juz like u harsha...U sure take time to make perfect work ur clean work...kudos to u..

  9. ஹாய் காயத்ரி, ரொமப் நலல் இருக்கு உங்கள் பையன் வரைந்தது, தமிழ் டைப்பிங் கற்று கொள்ள

    இதன் மூலம் கற்று கொள்ளுங்கள்.

    பிளாக் டிசைன் சூப்பர்

  10. Tats so cute indeed :) lovely way of learning things :)