With the help of my mother , I made this castle with the help of cardboard boxes ...and shuttle barrel ...

Materials needed  :
  1. Cardboard boxes (kelloggs box)  - 2
  2. Scissors 
  3. Cellophane tape 
  4. Shuttlecock Barrel - 2
Method :

   First cut the cardboard boxes and  join  the 4 sheets with cellophane tape ...and in front side , attach the shuttle barrel ...

It's a dragon flying up in the sky ...and me standing near the castle ...

sending this Castle craft work to Artsy-Craftsy-April-2011


  1. That's so creative! Good Job! I love your drawings/Doodles too!

  2. very creative! Good Job harsha! I 2 love drawing...have some cartoons in my space too...