Word Pronounciations - Mazhalai sorkkal

Mahalingam - Mavalingam / Dappi Thatta
Lakshmi - Duppi paati
Padma - Pamma
Kavitha - Kapitha
Mahabaratham - Mava baratham
Administrator - Ada - min - sos - ter (Bhavani ithu nee than ...)
Drachai (Dry grapes) - Daachi
Sonnen (I told ) - Soninnen
Irrukka - Ikka / Ikuda

when he was 2 -3 years of age - Kishore maama was called as Daachi maama ....
as of now except Lakshmi , Padma , Kavitha , daachi all remains the same , anything with " Ha " sound is pronounced as " Va " ...

Few incidents :
1. Harsha Dharmaraj -

This Harsha is in USA , and he is Padma's son . Last year , the first time when he saw a mail from Padma , saying I have 2 sons , Prithvi and Harsha . Seeing the name Harsha , My Harshavardhan was very upset and he started to cry amma , I am your son and I am not Padma aunty's son ...why she told like this ???? I had to console him saying, Kanna , your name is Harshavardhan , his name is Harsha Dharmaraj , I showed Harsha Dharmaraj photos in orkut and then my son , realised that Harsha is not only his name but many will have ....somehow he accepted it .

2. Niranjan & Niranjanaa :
My friend Nisha's son name is Niranjan . My another friend Vidya daughter name is Niranjanaa .
once when me , Harsha and my parents were chatting and we were informing him that see kanna , Aarthi (my sister ) will have a baby in July .... he asked will it be a boy or girl ....We told him no idea dear ....we have to wait and see ....and just like that we asked what name can we keep ??? tell us for boy baby and a girl baby .... here goes his idea of getting a new name ...

Harsha : Niranjan is boy , Niranjanaa is girl ...
We : ok so what ?
Harsha : Harshavardhan is boy , Harshavardini is girl ... so we can keep that itself ...
We : ok fine ....but suddenly name changed to Dora ....
(we used to make fun of him calling Harshavardini often ...he chose the same name for a girl baby... saying Niranjan - Niranjanaa ....Harshavardhan - Harshavardhini.


  1. Cute one Gayathri. Timely thoughts of Harsha is apprecited much.


  2. itz always nice to catch up with these kids la da...such lovely n cute pronunciation they have..it was gud tat u drafted 'em here so tat he can enjoy later to c wat he started with...

  3. Thanks Habi ,
    Kavitha , Yeah I enjoy a lot while reading all these ....But Harsha forgot all this ...and he says no you all are making fun of me ...