To the Park.

once a upon a time, there was Kipper , Biff , Chip . one day Chip , think to go to the park . but her mother said , don't go to the park. All three of them are sad. Biff think a idea she said you can build a park in the garden so we can play. Kipper and Chip said that is a good idea . They built a park in the garden , then they built a shelter to put the toys inside . For playing golf they dig a hole .They played football , golf , badmitton , cricket then the snow came down , then they all built a snowman. They had a fun time. They told to mother, what they did and said thanks for sending to garden. And they slept for rest . Then next day they went to school. Oh man !!!! there is some snow again . They put welly boots , then they went to school.

hope you all enjoyed my story . see you soon


  1. Lovely story.. Harsha kutty!

    Write more..

  2. Nice one Harsha...