Awards & Certificates

This certificate Harsha reieved in his new school , when he joined in the middle of the year July '09. for making lot of new friends ....

These are few Certificates , he received in his school in the academic year starting from Sept. '09 - till date .

In school , they have a website for maths , where students have to do it online ...and they have live mathelitics competition where kids around the world will participate .... Till date he has received many certificates almost every week ..

They have point system :

  • 1000 points - 1 bronze certificate
  • 5000 Points - 1 Silver certificate
  • 20000 points - 1 Gold certificate.

he has recd. more than 10 bronze certificates and 3 silver certificates ...and he has been in TOP 100 UK students ....he ranked between 40 - 50 every time .. and he is the first student in Year 1 to complete his level well before the academic year .

These are the various stickers , as a token of appreciation received by him .

This is the certificate / award , "TABLE OF THE WEEK " he received this , as he well behaved in lunch hour and he completed his food fully for a week continuously .
This is the special certificate he received from his Head teacher for Amazing progress at his school.

Hope I have shared all the certificates , he received .


  1. Hats off to you Harsha for receiving these many certificates for your discipline and your activities.............Wish you should get more and more certificates in future for your studies and hard work :-) Uma

  2. No more words to appreciate.....
    may god bless him with much more Talents....