Hi Shalini Aunty

Hi Shalini Aunty , Sharma Uncle , Baby . Thank you for coming to our house. you came to our house 4 times and we came to your house 2 times . Thank you for the gift. I enjoying (enjoyed) playing with Aarna. You see (saw) all the songs.
I drew all this pictures and coloured with the colour pencil gift , Shalini aunty gave me yesterday.


  1. Now Shalini aunty must be doubly happy... by gifting you and receiving a lovely blog for her!

  2. Hey Harsha...........how are you dear...........the drawings are very nice.....hope u had good time with Shalini aunty and family.....sweet blog from you to Shalini aunty.........Uma

  3. tat was so sweet of u dearest !!!