Sparrow art work

Shama aunty asked me to participate in the Sparrow craft event ...My appa took sparrow colouring pages printout and gave me ... My amma helped me in doing these ..

My first Sparrow work :

The First picture , I coloured the sparrow with colour pencils ..

for the second one we need :
  • Glue
  • Mustard seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pepper - 1
  • Paint brush
  • Sparrow picture
for glue : my amma made glue at home ...Mix maida flour and water and heat it till well till it is like a paste ... then with the paint brush , I stick the glue and sprinkled mustard and sesame seeds on the body ...and for eyes I kept one pepper .

These are the item I used ...

My Second Sparrow work :

I tried drawing a sparrow it nice ?? will try again to draw correctly ...

this time I used
  • Glue
  • Tea powder
  • Pepper -1
  • Paint brush
  • sparrow picture

Look my sparrow is sitting on a tree on a nice sunny day .

Sending this to Shama Aunty's Sparrow Craft event .


  1. lovely one harsha..

  2. cute ones these..thank you for participating