Saw this Reindeer here , and we enjoyed making this ...Check out this link , you can get step by step instructions ...

We did not have Toilet rolls , so we used shuttlecock barrel , we can even use the Pringles chips box ...just cut it in half and follow the instructions as here ..

Sending it to Shama's Christmas craft event ...

Hi all

Hi all ,
After a very long gap we are back ... want to know the reaosns ??
  • August month - we went to USA , for 2 weeks trip had a wonderful holiday ..
  • September - back from trp on 7th , school reopened , we took bit time to get back to out routine ...
  • October - This year in school ,they concentrated more on academic side no big craft work ...and My son started reading lot of story books ...his intrest in doing craft or drawing I did not have anything to post in his blog ...
  • November - My system was not working , one month No system ....
  • December - Being festival season time , in school they started with all celebrations ....Shops are loaded with lot of art and craft materials ....My son is enjoying his holidays now atlast back to craft work ..

and Main reason is Shama's Christmas Craft event ...Thanks to her , my son is back to craft work ....we will post all our craft work ...


I enjoyed making the train ...My amma saw this here and helped in making it ... We just used newspapers to make this train ...and we collected few pictures from magazines ...and did some painting work ....

For method, check this link.

My Money Box.

It's me dropping money .... (we used the old tea box for this )

This is my money box...

These are the pictures , I drew for my money box ....

Tessie bear , Sponge bob , Noddy , Lava & Kusha , Power rangers , snail , Jelly fish , Bob the builder , Noddy House .


Tried to make windmill with a yogurt cup (carton box) .. Sending this to July Months Artsy Crafty Challenge .


Two days back me and my son , had a conversation about " Thunderstrom " ....
he has noticed it in weather report : that late night it will be showers and thunderstrom .... Morning when he was walking to school he asked me :

Harsha :amma nethikki thunderstrom parthaya? (Did u see thunderstrom ?)
Me : Illaiye naan thongitten ...yedhukkaga kekkara ? unakku apidina yenna nu theriuma ?? (No , I slept ..btw, why r u asking me ? do u know what it means?)

Harsha : thundersrom vandha light adikkum sky la , damal damal nu sound kekkum ....apporrom Rakshasan yellam kezha vizhuvanga sky lenthu ...

(If Thunderstrom occurs ...there will be lighting in sky , u will hear sounds ...and Rakshasan will fall down to land from sky ....)

Me : Rakshasan ?? yaar sonna unakku ?? (who told you ?)
Harsha : Naan padichu irruken books la apporrom Ramayan and Krishna story la paarthu irrukken (I have read in books and I saw in Ramayan , Krishna story... )

I wanted to see the Rakshas falling ...U asked me to sleep ..I missed it ...
Next time if thunderstrom occurs in morning ...I want to see that OK???

Just wanted to share this here ....what to reply to him ??? how to convince him that no Rakshas will not come ... any suggestions please ....

My New Puppets

I tried making these puppets ....My amma got me a Puppet kit ... i tried making Peacok and bunny puppets...


Saw this clock craft work in Shama aunty's blog and I wanted to make one like that , with help from my amma ...made this today ...and I enjoyed making it.

  • Cut the paper plate in round shape .
  • wrote the numbers from 1 -12
  • for hours and minutes hand , we used a old greeting card ...
  • for decoration we used few glittering items and my we drew the bird and flower ...

A clock helps us to tells the time . In a clock , we have to use numbers from 1- 12. It has 2 hands , long hand and short hand . Long hand is for minutes and short hand is for hours.

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 day - 24 hours

In the above craft clock , the time is 9'oclock.

Sending this to Artsy - Craftsy event conducted in Mindful Meanderings .


This week my teacher gave me a homework to draw a pirate ... I have also learnt a story about Priate ...will update it soon .

First I tried drawing it roughly ...

Football player

I am playing in football club ..

Happy Birthday Appa

Sparrow art work

Shama aunty asked me to participate in the Sparrow craft event ...My appa took sparrow colouring pages printout and gave me ... My amma helped me in doing these ..

My first Sparrow work :

The First picture , I coloured the sparrow with colour pencils ..

for the second one we need :
  • Glue
  • Mustard seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pepper - 1
  • Paint brush
  • Sparrow picture
for glue : my amma made glue at home ...Mix maida flour and water and heat it till well till it is like a paste ... then with the paint brush , I stick the glue and sprinkled mustard and sesame seeds on the body ...and for eyes I kept one pepper .

These are the item I used ...

My Second Sparrow work :

I tried drawing a sparrow it nice ?? will try again to draw correctly ...

this time I used
  • Glue
  • Tea powder
  • Pepper -1
  • Paint brush
  • sparrow picture

Look my sparrow is sitting on a tree on a nice sunny day .

Sending this to Shama Aunty's Sparrow Craft event .

Chiku, the Sparrow and her friends....

Logo for the Sparrow Craft event .

In this story :
Chiku - Sparrow , Pinky - Pony , Tommy - Puppy , Tubby - Kitten , Shabby - Cat

One day a Sparrow called Chiku she was female Her Birthday was in 1st of April She is 12 years old . She is kind and her friend pony Called Pinky She was a Female . Her Birthday was in June 1st . She is 16 years old . She was kind. Chiku loves to eat pancakes Pinky loves to eat the same as Chiku.One day Pinky and Chiku was Building things in their nest.They were happy about Buillding.They got straw to Build . They live there ages.One day they got a Puppy called Tommy.He was a Male .His Birthday was in March 16 .He is 4 years old . He was kind .Tommy made things , for living inside the nest with wood .He is a male . He Loves to eat Starwberries. A kitten called Tubby He was a male .His birthday was in febuary 3 .He was 6 years old . He loves to eat fish . He too made things with wood to live there. A cat called Shabby , she was a female. Her birthday was in 9th of december . She is 7 year old. She loves to eat peanuts . she too made things in the nest . They all together made a big nest and they all lived happily for ever. And they all play , work , eat and live together .

Moral : We should always be safe , be kind and be friendly with all .

Sending this story to Shama Aunty's Sparrow Craft event . will send more to you aunty ...

Tamil New year Greetings

Plant Life.

Plants :
plants grow in many shapes and sizes
Some plants grow big and strong . they are called as trees.
Some plants grow small they are not strong they are called as small plants.
Some plants are weak they creep on the ground.they are called as creepers.
Some plants need support to stand up straight. they are called as climbers
some trees have big leaves some have small leaves
Some plants have thorn
some plants grow large and spread out .

Trees : Banyan, Ashoka,Mango,Banana,Neem,coconut
Plants : Hibiscus, Rose,Sunflower
Creepers : Pumpkin,Watermelon
Climbers : Grape vine

Living things and Non - living things .

Today I learnt about Living things and Non - living things ...and wrote a test .
1) living things have life.
2) they eat food
3) they breath air
4) they move around
5) they grow old and die
Example :
Animals, Humanbeings ,trees, plants


1 )Non living do not have life
2 )they do not eat food
3) they do not move around
4) They do not breath air
5) they do not grow old
Examples :

Jack and bean stalk - story retold .

My teacher asked us to write Jack and bean stalk story using our imagination ... for the original story , check this link .

Once Jack and his mother had no food. One day Jack's mother tolled , can you sell our cow? yes said Jack. He walked until he saw a man. These are magic beans. He ran to his mother. His mother shouted at Jack and throw the beans out . The next morning when (Jack went ) outside , he saw fruit shop , loads of fruit , sheep , goats , cow , hens . Jack and his mother were so happy and started to work very hard and sold fruit , milk , eggs and earned a lot of money and they were happy.

The story of the Goose. :

Good goose you have listen what I am going to tell , said the farmer. The next morning the goose get a fish. Oh Thank you said the farmer. On tuesday the goose was sleepy. The farmer shouted out ....It is 10.15 Am. He get the water to the goose and split them out and out . ammmmmmmm the goose is crying. Why did you wake up me ? said the goose. It is time to eat .
Chapter 2 :
Friday they ate dosa and Idli. yummy yummy !!!!!!! shouted them. Saturday they went to Chennai dosa corner. Oh Yummy yummy they shouted again. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3 :
Oh God it's raining outside..... Let's get the umberlla and go to the field. Oh no !!!!!!!!!!!!we haven't got any umberlla. What shall we do then???? We have to put our rain coats and boots. Yeah got it got it got it .......... Let's go the field now. They both were playing like a bear.
Chapter 4 :
On Monday they went for shopping. I need a car to drive ...they called the fairy ..Oh fairy can you do magic and get our sofa made as a car? Ofcourse said the fairy. "Abracadabra " magic magic .....whoohooo new car ...
Thank you fairy . What's Your Name ?? My name is Fairy Tales !

Ps.: Harsha wrote the whole story on his own .

A journey to space

Holiday Homework - Love

My headteacher gave me the topic "Love" and told us what all to write ...Love means that you write about poems , story or your parents or your favourite books or your dreams.
(His teacher has given few suggestions about the topic Love - write about Poem / story / book you love . why you love your parents ? what is your Favourite story / books which you love ? your dream ? )

About my Parents :
I like my parents in India because they got TV. Then I like Paris because disney land is there. I don't like london because it is bored.
(Parents - Grandparents . Why Paris , London comes in Parents heading ???)

About my Poem :
My feet and mouth are cold in London. It is so hot in India but little bit. I love Mango that came from India the big country. My mum told to play with boys , becuase I am a boy . I think i don't like girls. My mum is a girl she can play .

(Comeon don't scold me ...I did not say anything .... I said you have to play more with boys in class ....yen payan girls kitta puli ...boys kitta eli ....intha bayatha pokanum nu nalla yennathulla sonnen ...)

About my story of the 3 Little pigs and the 4 bad wolfs : (the story he loves)
Once upon a time there were 3 pigs. One is daddy , mummy , baby pigs. One day baby pig was hungry. He met lots of wolfs (wolves). Hello pig how are you ? But the pig did'nt tell anything. I am lost said the pig. I am going to eat you up. Help help said the pig to the police. He get (got) the gun and shoot them. Oh thank you said the pig to the police .
The End.
(Warning to Me and my husband : Don't watch too much of tamil movies. hmmmm )

My dream :
I don't like my dream because I have wobbly tooth .
(His first teeth is about to fall off he is in sad mood of now no dreams for him)

My Favourite :

  • Food is chips

  • Toy is Magic trick

  • Tree is Mango

  • Drink is Ben 10

I love my books : (I want )

  • Ben 10 book

  • Hand writting book

  • Sticker book

  • Colouring book

  • Number book

  • Story book

  • English book

  • Project book

So I wrote 70 of my Love.


Hi all ,

In Previous post , I mentioned that he was in Uk Top 100 students .... Today , Feb. 5th in his school News letter they have published his name ...I am very happy and Proud to share the news again with you all.

highlighted 42nd. position is Harshavardhan .... on that particular day ....

Awards & Certificates

This certificate Harsha reieved in his new school , when he joined in the middle of the year July '09. for making lot of new friends ....

These are few Certificates , he received in his school in the academic year starting from Sept. '09 - till date .

In school , they have a website for maths , where students have to do it online ...and they have live mathelitics competition where kids around the world will participate .... Till date he has received many certificates almost every week ..

They have point system :

  • 1000 points - 1 bronze certificate
  • 5000 Points - 1 Silver certificate
  • 20000 points - 1 Gold certificate.

he has recd. more than 10 bronze certificates and 3 silver certificates ...and he has been in TOP 100 UK students ....he ranked between 40 - 50 every time .. and he is the first student in Year 1 to complete his level well before the academic year .

These are the various stickers , as a token of appreciation received by him .

This is the certificate / award , "TABLE OF THE WEEK " he received this , as he well behaved in lunch hour and he completed his food fully for a week continuously .
This is the special certificate he received from his Head teacher for Amazing progress at his school.

Hope I have shared all the certificates , he received .

Hi Shalini Aunty

Hi Shalini Aunty , Sharma Uncle , Baby . Thank you for coming to our house. you came to our house 4 times and we came to your house 2 times . Thank you for the gift. I enjoying (enjoyed) playing with Aarna. You see (saw) all the songs.
I drew all this pictures and coloured with the colour pencil gift , Shalini aunty gave me yesterday.

Word Pronounciations - Mazhalai sorkkal

Mahalingam - Mavalingam / Dappi Thatta
Lakshmi - Duppi paati
Padma - Pamma
Kavitha - Kapitha
Mahabaratham - Mava baratham
Administrator - Ada - min - sos - ter (Bhavani ithu nee than ...)
Drachai (Dry grapes) - Daachi
Sonnen (I told ) - Soninnen
Irrukka - Ikka / Ikuda

when he was 2 -3 years of age - Kishore maama was called as Daachi maama ....
as of now except Lakshmi , Padma , Kavitha , daachi all remains the same , anything with " Ha " sound is pronounced as " Va " ...

Few incidents :
1. Harsha Dharmaraj -

This Harsha is in USA , and he is Padma's son . Last year , the first time when he saw a mail from Padma , saying I have 2 sons , Prithvi and Harsha . Seeing the name Harsha , My Harshavardhan was very upset and he started to cry amma , I am your son and I am not Padma aunty's son ...why she told like this ???? I had to console him saying, Kanna , your name is Harshavardhan , his name is Harsha Dharmaraj , I showed Harsha Dharmaraj photos in orkut and then my son , realised that Harsha is not only his name but many will have ....somehow he accepted it .

2. Niranjan & Niranjanaa :
My friend Nisha's son name is Niranjan . My another friend Vidya daughter name is Niranjanaa .
once when me , Harsha and my parents were chatting and we were informing him that see kanna , Aarthi (my sister ) will have a baby in July .... he asked will it be a boy or girl ....We told him no idea dear ....we have to wait and see ....and just like that we asked what name can we keep ??? tell us for boy baby and a girl baby .... here goes his idea of getting a new name ...

Harsha : Niranjan is boy , Niranjanaa is girl ...
We : ok so what ?
Harsha : Harshavardhan is boy , Harshavardini is girl ... so we can keep that itself ...
We : ok fine ....but suddenly name changed to Dora ....
(we used to make fun of him calling Harshavardini often ...he chose the same name for a girl baby... saying Niranjan - Niranjanaa ....Harshavardhan - Harshavardhini.


One day in lord house Ram ,Lakshman , Bharathan , Sathrugnan born in there . Ravana can't get bow because he isn't a lord, so that why he fell down and he get a name by his own.


One day Sita made flowers to Ram becuase it is birth for Ram. so that why some kids playing in lord house. Ram get very angry of his powers.


Ram and Sita has marriage .


One day Sita Ram Lakshman is going to wood for 14 years Lakshman decided to make a wood house.

wood = forest


One day a rude girl called Surpanagai she came to Ram' s house and she tell ram that she want to talk with ram . But Lakshman rip her nose out. MAKE A


Ram Lakshamamn Hanuman learn to make a bride to get sita so Ram Lakshaman Sita go to where they lived.

Bride = Bridge


Ram ,Lakshman is sleeping in Hanuman's tail but inside there was monsters in the next day Jambavan had a plate of sweet for Ram, Lakshman but he gone inside and Hanuman said j-j sri Ram and Hanuman going down but it did not stop and it was too big and dark in the water crocodile he said Ram and Lakshman has gone and he said i will tell you where the way is and Hanuman sit in his back . In the cave there was monsters called Ahe , Mahe . They had Ram and Lakshman. The monsters get food and come to fight with Hanuman in the cave where Hanuman sit . But the foods did'nt come . and all three came back up.

Meganathan :

Ram was ready for battle with meganathan but Lakshman died and meganathan laugh Then Hanuman kicked Meganathan and he fell of his mighty powers and Meganathan died and Hanuman win . Battle with Ram And Ravana : Ram was ready for the battle with Ravanan and ravana die Ram win and get sita...

ps : The whole story was written on his own . Few spellings were written asking us ... all the credit goes to his grand father , he was the one who thought Harsha , the whole Ramayan story ...

New year resolutions

Hope you all remember New year resolution post ... My friend Nisha , has given comment for each and every line .... (Highlighted words are her comment )....

  • drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg... drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg and fruits (very good)
  • play foot ball and running and golf (and kick your goals to that TV and windows!!)

Reply from Harsha : Aunty , I don't have TV. windows ..amma saying no

  • eat dosa corn tomatomes onoins rice curd rice (ithu unga amma sonnangala?)
  • climb in a tree (innum rendu varsham pottum kanna ippo venam)
  • play some more games what you know (you should)
  • dont be scrayed like a baby (hmm.. and be brave like a "MAN")
  • do not blocked somebody phone (Point number 8 * )(You will be the first one on earth to take such a resolution sweetheart!!!)
  • get some energy (always!!)
  • drink apple or orange juice (drink all fruit and vegetable juices..)
  • if you did'nt eat veg or fruits you will never grow (Gayathreeeeee.... nee payyane romba miratti vachirukke!!!) (Me : Nisha , no chance ...intha nalla advice yellam avanga appa.)
  • dont get a bat to hit people (Hit the ball instead)
  • get some muscles (ippotheikku intha muscles pothumda kanna!)
  • go round from 1 to 1000004 (Leave this job to earth... we will get dizzy if we do this)
  • you can run a round 74 mins (Just try 10 minutes .. do u know how long is 74 minutes? ask amma to explain) (Nisha , trying very hard to teach him the diff. between Mins and Seconds, still he gets confused ....)
  • You can skip everday upto 100 (10 pothum)
  • can you count upto 100?? (ithellam unakku jujubi kanna)
  • do not worry (great thought in simple words)
  • you can stand in the bus (Why not sit if the seat is available?)
  • don't be rude to your mummy and daddy (YES...also vice versa!!)

Thanks a lot Nisha , for ur comment to each and every point . We enjoyed reading it .

Happy Birthday Paati

Hi Lalitha Paati ,

Wish you Many more Happy returns of the day.

With love,