Jack and bean stalk - story retold .

My teacher asked us to write Jack and bean stalk story using our imagination ... for the original story , check this link .

Once Jack and his mother had no food. One day Jack's mother tolled , can you sell our cow? yes said Jack. He walked until he saw a man. These are magic beans. He ran to his mother. His mother shouted at Jack and throw the beans out . The next morning when (Jack went ) outside , he saw fruit shop , loads of fruit , sheep , goats , cow , hens . Jack and his mother were so happy and started to work very hard and sold fruit , milk , eggs and earned a lot of money and they were happy.

The story of the Goose. :

Good goose you have listen what I am going to tell , said the farmer. The next morning the goose get a fish. Oh Thank you said the farmer. On tuesday the goose was sleepy. The farmer shouted out ....It is 10.15 Am. He get the water to the goose and split them out and out . ammmmmmmm the goose is crying. Why did you wake up me ? said the goose. It is time to eat .
Chapter 2 :
Friday they ate dosa and Idli. yummy yummy !!!!!!! shouted them. Saturday they went to Chennai dosa corner. Oh Yummy yummy they shouted again. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 3 :
Oh God it's raining outside..... Let's get the umberlla and go to the field. Oh no !!!!!!!!!!!!we haven't got any umberlla. What shall we do then???? We have to put our rain coats and boots. Yeah got it got it got it .......... Let's go the field now. They both were playing like a bear.
Chapter 4 :
On Monday they went for shopping. I need a car to drive ...they called the fairy ..Oh fairy can you do magic and get our sofa made as a car? Ofcourse said the fairy. "Abracadabra " magic magic .....whoohooo new car ...
Thank you fairy . What's Your Name ?? My name is Fairy Tales !

Ps.: Harsha wrote the whole story on his own .