Saw this clock craft work in Shama aunty's blog and I wanted to make one like that , with help from my amma ...made this today ...and I enjoyed making it.

  • Cut the paper plate in round shape .
  • wrote the numbers from 1 -12
  • for hours and minutes hand , we used a old greeting card ...
  • for decoration we used few glittering items and my we drew the bird and flower ...

A clock helps us to tells the time . In a clock , we have to use numbers from 1- 12. It has 2 hands , long hand and short hand . Long hand is for minutes and short hand is for hours.

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

1 day - 24 hours

In the above craft clock , the time is 9'oclock.

Sending this to Artsy - Craftsy event conducted in Mindful Meanderings .


This week my teacher gave me a homework to draw a pirate ... I have also learnt a story about Priate ...will update it soon .

First I tried drawing it roughly ...

Football player

I am playing in football club ..

Happy Birthday Appa