Word Pronounciations - Mazhalai sorkkal

Mahalingam - Mavalingam / Dappi Thatta
Lakshmi - Duppi paati
Padma - Pamma
Kavitha - Kapitha
Mahabaratham - Mava baratham
Administrator - Ada - min - sos - ter (Bhavani ithu nee than ...)
Drachai (Dry grapes) - Daachi
Sonnen (I told ) - Soninnen
Irrukka - Ikka / Ikuda

when he was 2 -3 years of age - Kishore maama was called as Daachi maama ....
as of now except Lakshmi , Padma , Kavitha , daachi all remains the same , anything with " Ha " sound is pronounced as " Va " ...

Few incidents :
1. Harsha Dharmaraj -

This Harsha is in USA , and he is Padma's son . Last year , the first time when he saw a mail from Padma , saying I have 2 sons , Prithvi and Harsha . Seeing the name Harsha , My Harshavardhan was very upset and he started to cry amma , I am your son and I am not Padma aunty's son ...why she told like this ???? I had to console him saying, Kanna , your name is Harshavardhan , his name is Harsha Dharmaraj , I showed Harsha Dharmaraj photos in orkut and then my son , realised that Harsha is not only his name but many will have ....somehow he accepted it .

2. Niranjan & Niranjanaa :
My friend Nisha's son name is Niranjan . My another friend Vidya daughter name is Niranjanaa .
once when me , Harsha and my parents were chatting and we were informing him that see kanna , Aarthi (my sister ) will have a baby in July .... he asked will it be a boy or girl ....We told him no idea dear ....we have to wait and see ....and just like that we asked what name can we keep ??? tell us for boy baby and a girl baby .... here goes his idea of getting a new name ...

Harsha : Niranjan is boy , Niranjanaa is girl ...
We : ok so what ?
Harsha : Harshavardhan is boy , Harshavardini is girl ... so we can keep that itself ...
We : ok fine ....but suddenly name changed to Dora ....
(we used to make fun of him calling Harshavardini often ...he chose the same name for a girl baby... saying Niranjan - Niranjanaa ....Harshavardhan - Harshavardhini.


One day in lord house Ram ,Lakshman , Bharathan , Sathrugnan born in there . Ravana can't get bow because he isn't a lord, so that why he fell down and he get a name by his own.


One day Sita made flowers to Ram becuase it is birth for Ram. so that why some kids playing in lord house. Ram get very angry of his powers.


Ram and Sita has marriage .


One day Sita Ram Lakshman is going to wood for 14 years Lakshman decided to make a wood house.

wood = forest


One day a rude girl called Surpanagai she came to Ram' s house and she tell ram that she want to talk with ram . But Lakshman rip her nose out. MAKE A


Ram Lakshamamn Hanuman learn to make a bride to get sita so Ram Lakshaman Sita go to where they lived.

Bride = Bridge


Ram ,Lakshman is sleeping in Hanuman's tail but inside there was monsters in the next day Jambavan had a plate of sweet for Ram, Lakshman but he gone inside and Hanuman said j-j sri Ram and Hanuman going down but it did not stop and it was too big and dark in the water crocodile he said Ram and Lakshman has gone and he said i will tell you where the way is and Hanuman sit in his back . In the cave there was monsters called Ahe , Mahe . They had Ram and Lakshman. The monsters get food and come to fight with Hanuman in the cave where Hanuman sit . But the foods did'nt come . and all three came back up.

Meganathan :

Ram was ready for battle with meganathan but Lakshman died and meganathan laugh Then Hanuman kicked Meganathan and he fell of his mighty powers and Meganathan died and Hanuman win . Battle with Ram And Ravana : Ram was ready for the battle with Ravanan and ravana die Ram win and get sita...

ps : The whole story was written on his own . Few spellings were written asking us ... all the credit goes to his grand father , he was the one who thought Harsha , the whole Ramayan story ...

New year resolutions

Hope you all remember New year resolution post ... My friend Nisha , has given comment for each and every line .... (Highlighted words are her comment )....

  • drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg... drink water and milk (good!... doing it?)
  • eat veg and fruits (very good)
  • play foot ball and running and golf (and kick your goals to that TV and windows!!)

Reply from Harsha : Aunty , I don't have TV. windows ..amma saying no

  • eat dosa corn tomatomes onoins rice curd rice (ithu unga amma sonnangala?)
  • climb in a tree (innum rendu varsham pottum kanna ippo venam)
  • play some more games what you know (you should)
  • dont be scrayed like a baby (hmm.. and be brave like a "MAN")
  • do not blocked somebody phone (Point number 8 * )(You will be the first one on earth to take such a resolution sweetheart!!!)
  • get some energy (always!!)
  • drink apple or orange juice (drink all fruit and vegetable juices..)
  • if you did'nt eat veg or fruits you will never grow (Gayathreeeeee.... nee payyane romba miratti vachirukke!!!) (Me : Nisha , no chance ...intha nalla advice yellam avanga appa.)
  • dont get a bat to hit people (Hit the ball instead)
  • get some muscles (ippotheikku intha muscles pothumda kanna!)
  • go round from 1 to 1000004 (Leave this job to earth... we will get dizzy if we do this)
  • you can run a round 74 mins (Just try 10 minutes .. do u know how long is 74 minutes? ask amma to explain) (Nisha , trying very hard to teach him the diff. between Mins and Seconds, still he gets confused ....)
  • You can skip everday upto 100 (10 pothum)
  • can you count upto 100?? (ithellam unakku jujubi kanna)
  • do not worry (great thought in simple words)
  • you can stand in the bus (Why not sit if the seat is available?)
  • don't be rude to your mummy and daddy (YES...also vice versa!!)

Thanks a lot Nisha , for ur comment to each and every point . We enjoyed reading it .

Happy Birthday Paati

Hi Lalitha Paati ,

Wish you Many more Happy returns of the day.

With love,

Happy Pongal

Hi all ,
I wish you all a very Happy Pongal . Thanks to Niranjan anna , for giving me idea to make greeting card on my own.

To the Park.

once a upon a time, there was Kipper , Biff , Chip . one day Chip , think to go to the park . but her mother said , don't go to the park. All three of them are sad. Biff think a idea she said you can build a park in the garden so we can play. Kipper and Chip said that is a good idea . They built a park in the garden , then they built a shelter to put the toys inside . For playing golf they dig a hole .They played football , golf , badmitton , cricket then the snow came down , then they all built a snowman. They had a fun time. They told to mother, what they did and said thanks for sending to garden. And they slept for rest . Then next day they went to school. Oh man !!!! there is some snow again . They put welly boots , then they went to school.

hope you all enjoyed my story . see you soon

A trip to Henley

In August 2008 , My grandparents came to London and we went to Henley . I wrote about that .

I went to henley with my parents and grandparents. We got down at High street and walked to river Thames. We saw many boats . We got row boats and we loved boating. We saw many ducks and swans and we gave bread pieces to them. We went for a long walk and enjoyed Nature. We were playing in the Play area.